Frequently Asked Questions

Under normal circumstances how often do we attend craft fairs?

Probably six local ones a year, please click on link to see list.

Can I return my item if I don't like it?

Yes. See our Terms & Conditions for details.

How can I pay you?

We have two ways
1 PayPal
2 Email me with your order; name; address and phone no. I will call you for your card details. 

Who makes the items?

Crafts people from the villages we know personally. Many of our goods come from Rajasthan.

Can I order a duplicate item if I have ordered previously?

As the goods are made by individual crafts people, we often cannot obtain the EXACT item again.

Can I buy direct from you rather than online?

You are welcome to view and buy goods from our storeroom.
Please call us first on either 01406 371273, or 077128220979. Or via the contact us section

Can I be sure no child labour is used in making them?

Yes. We have seen most of the items being made while in India. 
In some cases where the parents cannot afford to send the children to school, they have to work to eat.  
Until people have been to the REAL India and seen how society works, they cannot comprehend the situation.
What we are doing is giving the makers of our crafts a living wage and treat them all with dignity.