Baiga Necklaces

These unusual handmade products have been made by the Baiga women who live close to the Kanha Tiger Reserve, Central India. The Baigas, as a tribe, believe that they are direct descendants of the Tiger and they are as interesting and magnificent as the big cat itself. One of the Baiga’s many skills is making this beautiful, colourful jewellery, which is traditionally worn by them during festivities such as marriage ceremonies. Please make sure you specify which colour you prefer. Sizes are determined from end to end (50-70cms) as full length. We Stock a range of colours – Black; Red; Slate; Orange; Pearl; (light) Blue; Green and Yellow, if you click on the circle colours below it will show the lengths that are available in the colour you select. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the jewellery goes directly to the ladies who have made it. 


BlackBlueBronzeLight GreenOrangePearlRedSlateYellow
50 cm60 cm70 cm
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Dimensions 70 cm

Black, Blue, Bronze, Dark Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pearl, Red, Slate, Yellow


50, 60, 70