The 'Monkey' God

Visiting the temple to Hanuman, the Monkey God

There was one occasion whilst we were in Shimla that initially was frightening but then became amusing as we realised what had happened. Shimla, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is a hill station in the Lower Himalayas and was, during the British
occupation and for Indian Royalty (and still is) a summer destination away from the heat (35 to 44 C) of the lowlands of India.

Kanha Stag

Alf’s & Teresa’s amazing weekend Stag Party

The State in the very centre of India is Madhya Pradesh. Our first visit there was in November 2017 to the area of Kanha forest which has a large wild life park of around 1,000 square kilometres. We have sequentially been there on four great occasions, staying at the superb Singinawa Lodge.

Alf’s first recollections of India – 1989

Our first visit to India was in February 1989. It was to Goa which, then, was quite unsophisticated, ‘untouristy’ and nothing like the Goa of today with the building of houses on what was farm fields, forestry and any tiny plot that could be found.